Automatic Spring Fishing Rod Holder
Automatic Spring Fishing Rod Holder
Automatic Spring Fishing Rod Holder
Automatic Spring Fishing Rod Holder
Automatic Spring Fishing Rod Holder

Automatic Spring Fishing Rod Holder

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Love fishing but hate having to hold on to your fishing rod all day? Or hate losing fish because you failed to set the hook properly in time? Well this is the solution you've been waiting for! Let this amazing tool do the work for you. It automatically springs up your fishing rod as soon as you get a bite, setting the hook in really well.

Main Features:  

  • Adjustable to 3 levels of sensitivity for various water conditions and size of fish. From super sensitive for clear water to least sensitive for choppy water. As well as large, medium and small fish size.
  • Line trigger activates tip-up only when fish hits the hook - no misfires.
  • Fishing rod holder with double spring loaded tip-up action sets your hook automatically.
  • Now you don't need any bells or alarms. This tool does the job for you.
  • Springs are ultra strong and able to withstand a maximum tension up to 110 pounds.
  • Two sharp ends go into the ground to hold unit still.
  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant and impact resistant.   


Material: Stainless Steel

Maximum Tension: 110 lbs.

Package Size: 18.11in x 2.36in x 18.11in 

Package Content: 1 Double Spring Fishing Rod Stand

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