Digital Grip Scale
Digital Grip Scale
Digital Grip Scale
Digital Grip Scale

Digital Grip Scale

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A must-have for all fishermen, the Digital Grip Scale allows anglers to quickly secure and weigh their catch without causing injury to the fish or themselves. Built with a stainless steel construction, the Digital Grip Scale resists corrosion and is suited for both fresh and saltwater use. 

Designed with positive-locking jaws and a non-slip grip, the Digital Grip Scale makes it easy to handle fish all the way up to 50lbs. Finished with an easy-to-read digital display, the Digital Grip Scale delivers dependable performance that allows anglers to capture and weigh fish in a convenient and safe manner.

This digital grip scale is the safe and easy way to land, handle and weigh fish up to 25KG/55lb.
Material: Stainless steel, ABS
Powered By: 2 * AAA (included)
Max. Load: 25kg / 55lb
Length: 31cm / 12.2in
Net Weight: 313g / 11oz
Package Weight: 394g / 14oz
Package Size: 40 * 14 * 5cm / 15.7 * 5.5 * 2.0in
Package List:
1 * Digital Fish Gripper
1. There is a layer of battery separator inside the gripper, you need to open the battery cover and then take out the separator when you are using the gripper. 
2. Keep the fishing gripper vertically and then long press the power key to turn on the gripper. Before measuring, you should clear the previous data for accuracy. 
3. There may exist a certain amount of error caused by improper ways of measuring or gripping. It is acceptable to allow for the error between +/-60g (2.11oz). 

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